• Phawa Ceremony / Región de Antofagasta
• Agricultural Fertile Equipment Delivery,
Quillagua fertile land / Región de Antofagasta

One of the main axes on SQM's tasks within the scope of social responsibility is related to the economic and social development of the communities it serves. Hereafter, we highlight initiatives such as the Competitive Fund for Micro-endeavour in the municipalities of San Pedro de Atacama and Maria Elena, an initiative that seeks to foster new business development, its formalization and/or development of new skills among strivers in order to have the capabilities to forge his own future development.

The Agricultural Development Programme "Atacama, Fertile Ground" in the commune of San Pedro de Atacama and the town of Quillagua in the commune of Maria Elena, is intended to support the community in the development of sustainable agriculture to obtain products with higher added value.

In the municipality of Pozo Almonte, SQM, together with the Agricultural Development Institute (INDAP), the municipality of Pozo Almonte, and Compañía Minera Teck Quebrada Blanca, has developed the "Programme for the Improvement of Agricultural, Production and Trade for the local farmers of Pintados"; an initiative to strengthen agriculture activity in the area, and, to foster the growth of their family income through the chaining of the Agro Trading activity.

An interesting project, part of this programme, has been developed in Toconao, named Ayllu wine, which is produced at high elevations by local farmers with the support of a multidisciplinary team from SQM. The participants have reached important goals in the development of their project, which involves growing wine grapes 2.400 meters above sea level. Each farmer has been trained to handle the crops and the winemaking process.

• Lickanantai students in hydroponic greenhouse / Ayllu wine project