• Local Neighbor / Colonia Pintados

For SQM, building and maintaining good neighbour relations with the towns surrounding our operations is very important. Over the long term, these efforts have allowed for new and better opportunities for the inhabitants of nearby communities as well as for the company.

Ties with the community are built on transparency, respect and mutual confidence, and are embodied in interactions that arise from social programming. The company creates opportunities for the community to learn about its projects, keeping them informed and listening to opinions and concerns. All of this has allowed for bonds of trust to be built with neighbours.

SQM’s outreach work is organized around three main themes:

• Historical heritage: preserving and disseminating the legacy and heritage of the nitrates industry.

• Education and culture: providing new and better opportunities for growth and development to the communities.

• Social development: social responsibility related to the economic and social development of the communities.