SQM Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate is a product of high quality and homogeneous in time.

Thanks to its properties, the Magnesium Chloride is used effectively in dust control and de-icing roads.

The operational, logistical and commercial efficiency of SQM ensures products of high quality, timely deliveries and specialized service.


  • Lower rate of accidents due to the prevention of accidents caused by ice on roads.
  • Simply apply to the roads for anti-icing.
  • Roads with longer service life, due to the reduced loss of material and dust emission.
  • Better health and physical conditions due to a lower impact of dust in suspension.
  • Greater security, visibility and stabilization operations.


The magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MgCl2× 6 H2O), known as Bischofite, is an element with a high presence in the nature and the third most abundant in seawater.

Thanks to unique environment conditions, the SQM operation in the Salar de Atacama (Chile) allows to get the Magnesium Chloride in dry state, something that is not possible to achieve elsewhere in the world.


The production of the salts is done through evaporation pools and the use of solar energy, which allows to obtain different salts and minerals. The entire operation is performed in a highly controlled process allowing SQM to obtain a high-quality product and homogeneous in time, which guarantees contents of magnesium over 11%.


Magnesium chloride has some qualities that make it different from the rest of the sales, being the main:

  • Absorbs moisture: it is a highly hygroscopic material, absorbs moisture from the atmosphere when it is greater than 32%.
  • Dissolves in the moisture absorbed: deliquescent salt property allows that it can dissolve with the water absorbed, generating feeling that roads are watered permanently avoiding raise dust.
  • Evaporation and freezing-resistant: Magnesium Chloride has a low rate of evaporation (3 times lower to the water) and its freezing temperature can reach the - 27 ° F.
  • Highly water soluble: can dissolve up to 1.5 tons in only 1 cubic meter of water.


The Magnesium Chloride offers efficient use for:

  • The prevention and control of ice on roads.
  • The control and mitigation of dust on unpaved roads, whether in the form of stabilization or surface irrigation.
  • Other industrial and food uses.

The use of Magnesium Chloride as dust suppressant on mine roads, allow to reduce more than the 90% of the water use to spray roads

The roads that had been stabilized with magnesium chloride reduce the appearance of potholes, calamine and other unpaved roads issues. Chile has more than 6.000 kilometers of roads with magnesium chloride.

SQM participated actively at the end of the 90s in taking awareness of the importance of the dust suppression in Chile, to promote the health and safety of people, leading the development of the Magnesium Chloride market in Chile.

Today, directly SQM offers to its customers the operational, logistical and commercial - efficiencies that distinguish SQM worldwide - delivering Magnesium Chloride of high quality, with a timely clearance and specialized attention.

SQM maintains its commitment to the environment and safety, reinforcing their participation in the Chilean market of the Magnesium Chloride and expanding applications and profits to neighboring countries and rest of the world, becoming a relevant actor in the production of magnesium chloride.

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