We are a global Company with a team of people committed to excellence. Our activities focus on the extraction of minerals, capable of being selectively integrated in the processing and commercialization of products for industries essential for human development.


We seek to be a global Company, recognized for its competitiveness excellence and innovation in its lines of business, oriented towards the development of products essential for human development, all within a framework of the highest standards of integrity.

Our Values


  • We are an organization that is constantly striving to achieve better results, in order to create share value for shareholders, associates, customers, suppliers and communities.
  • In our work and daily challenges, we encourage being creative, agile and innovative, to add value to our customer.
  • We develop our work in a framework of sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • We wish to build a culture of excellence, throughout the organization, based on the ten principles of the M1 methodology.
  • We foster and value internal meritocracy as the main path of professional growth. We favor equality of opportunity, inclusion and diversity. We seek to generate such professional development opportunities for people to reach their full potential.
  • Caring for people´s safety is a priority commitment in the company that motivates us daily to strive for safe and accident-free operations.
  • We area responsible for creating the conditions for the safe development of each task¸ as well as fomenting behaviors oriented to the physical safety and psychological wellbeing of any person that works in SQM.
  • Each person in the organization is responsible for taking care of his/her own safety and caring for the other team members, as well as maintaining a commitment to the application of safe behavior. We promote open and ongoing feedback to draw attention to the opportunities for improvement in safety.
  • We encourage respect and fulfillment of each of the commitments made with customers, associates, regulators, communities, suppliers and authorities.
  • We seek to carry out our daily work with high standards described in the corporate code of ethics. At the same time, we are open and interested in identifying and implementing better ways of working to ensure and facilitate compliance with these standards.