Our goal is to maintain and consolidate our leading position at worldwide level in our core businesses: Specialty Plant Nutrition, Iodine and derivatives, Lithium and derivatives, Industrial Chemicals and Potassium. With a flexible approach to market changes which maintains low production costs. We are governed with high ethical standards in dealing with our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, environment and community.

Our Values

• Excellence

We commit to work with the highest quality standards, efficiency and effectiveness. We make a rational use of resources we manage and promote actions that add value. We act responsibly and fulfill our commitments.

• Integrity
We develop our activities in an honest, fair, ethical, respectful and transparent manner. We have an open discourse and consistent with our actions on people, environment, community, customers and entities with whom we interact.

• Safety
We value life and health of every person. We believe that caring for people is an organizational commitment, personal and social, which is lived at work and private life of each individual.

• Teamwork
We encourage people to work in an integrated and coordinated manner. We value the personal backgrounds and the skills of each individual promoting the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences, stimulating working together. We treat people with respect, dignity and courtesy to build trust relationships.

• Innovation
We face challenges and work creatively. Encourage the development of flexible and diverse approaches to the work of our business, constantly looking for better solutions and different ways to achieve our goals.